Monday, June 22, 2009

Nick's recent posters

Well, I have 4 new posters so things are moving in the Rogue Planet workshop. Carol has been printing her new posters, so these will appear shortly.

We're both working to a large format of 1 metre high x 700mm wide which is a satisfying size to work with. The tradition of poster art established a legacy of scale with the application of dynamic graphics so this larger scale output honours this tradition (as well as challenging the old crafting skills!)

The poster above was designed as a promotional piece to advertise the newly formed Rogue Planet.'Screenprinting power at Rogue Planet' has been translated into French, because there's nothing nicer than a poster in another language other than English. It seems poster buying punters like a bit of Italian and French on their walls....even if it is grammatically incorrect and badly translated.

Ah, yes... Richard (Dick) Branson. An icon of our time. I must admit, I have been following your career Richard and have been incredibly inspired by your, I mean expansion into space. Well done Dick and I wish you all the best with your advertising space hoardings idea. Three cheers for Virgin Galactica!

It seems that all the talk of new water or virtual water has the politicians rubbing their hands with glee. Water availability in the Goulburn Valley is at a record low, yet there are permits a-plenty of this high security water. Peter Garrett, Minister for Conservation, shouldn't water be allocated where it is required for environmental benefits rather than moving it for those who stand to make the most financial or political gain from this precious resource ( would be you wouldn't it....sorry 'bout that). Wasn't it King Midas who turned the water into gold and nearly died of thirst?

Save Albert Park have been protesting the Melbourne, Australian Grand Prix since 1996. Thirteen years of action is inspirational! I always enjoyed seeing the white tent with protesters quietly going about their business in the early years of the protest. There was the daily protest tally which increased in number as the days progressed. –596 days of protest– the sign would scream as you drove by. I always wanted to be there when the dawn of a new day hearalded a new number, but sadly never saw this ceremony. I don't even remember what the final tally was. I do remember the endurance of this group of die hard protestors, and this poster is in honour of you all. Save Albert Park! We're still behind you all, and look forward to the day this event is shamed into dissolution.