Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping at Rogue Planet

Our shop is now open so feel free to have a browse. The Gallery Shop is located on site at 242 Victoria Street Brunswick, or you can shop online at http://rogueplanet.bigcartel.com
For postage and delivery please contact us on nicholas@rogueplanet.com.au

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exhibition at Marios café

Well for those of you who want to see our works in the flesh, we are exhibiting at Marios café, 303 Brunswick street Fitzroy until November 22. This is our collection of recent screenprinted works, so please come along and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First of many screenprinting classes

We hosted our first screenprinting one day workshop in late August, which was a great success. Introduction to screenprinting was attended by Luke Sharrock, Krisha Patel, Polly Boyd, Robert and Ginger Mau, tutored by Nick and assisted by Angela Bhaskara. Sandra Conley is the other half of Rogue Planet and I believe the success of the day was her snowpea and haloumi fettucine that was served for lunch at the Rogue Planet lunch table.

Shown from right, clockwise, Polly Boyd, Krisha Patel, Ginger Mau, Luke Sharrock, Robert Mau.

Luke and Krisha.

Angela assists Polly with colour separations.

Nick tutor's Krisha and Ginger

Polly prepares a photo stencil for printing

Another class is scheduled for late November, with more to follow in the new year. Nick also lectures at Swinburne University at the National School of Design, Prahran campus.

Monday, May 24, 2010

'til you drop:shopping – a Melbourne history

To 31 October 2010, a free exhibition at the State Library of Victoria, Keith Murdoch Gallery. We both have a work in this celebration of Melbourne shopping, so it is a MUST SEE.

Happy Luck Tree Man

Hey look, not everything needs to make sense does it? One of Nick's new posters

There are some amazing people achieving great things with sustainability. William McDonough's book 'Cradle to Cradle', written with his colleague Michael Braungart encourage all industries to design responsibly – a great read by the way. Commerce and nature can co-exist using sustainable design practices. 'Happy Luck Tree Man' is a celebration of these wonderful ideas.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carol's Recent Posters

It seems pretty obvious that no animal can be healthy or content in cages so restrictive that they are unable to turn around, breathing air so fetid that workers need to wear masks and pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to diguise their ill health. 

This misery is part of what we consume when we eat these creatures.

Animals need to express their nature, much as we do; to bond with each other, to seek mates, to build nests, to nurture young; and to express exuberance by running, skipping, hopping and jumping even as we do.

Farmed animals are more than just meat on feet.

In a World of Merchant Bankers, Hedgefund Racketeers, Deranged Economists, 

Corporate Cannibals, Gullible Politicians and Money Grubbing Shareholders ...

... What Does a Pig Know about Greed?

During the heady days of the financial meltdown, every cartoon about this issue trotted out the tired old cliche linking pigs and greed. I kept thinking that in the greed stakes pigs are amateurs compared to the frenzied avarice taking place in the money market.

Cheerful Screeching Permitted

Cockies in cages .... why? I just don’t get this. I once was saddened to see a couple of tourists, trailer in tow, off on holidays with two bedraggled cockies, each in it’s own cage, on the back seat of the car. What a way to see the countyside!? 

We like them behind bars and we expect them to enjoy themselves there.

Why not just look up every time you hear a bunch of them cackling and screeching as they hoon around overhead and be cheered by their irreverent, sticking-it-up-us, joie de vivre. 

... and furthermore